Commercial Buildings: Redefining Performance in Use

CIBSE Yorkshire and ASHRAE UK Midlands are pleased to host an evening of presentation and discussion on the hot topic of the building performance gap.

Why is it, despite all of the rescources and technology at our disposal, surveys of building occupants are still telling us we are not getting it right for owners, operators and occupiers.

Our two speakers this evening have each spent a decade researching the building performance gap and why it is most users feel built environments leave more to be desired.

Approaching the problem from two very different directions, they have independently arrived at similar views in suggesting solutions to the performance gap may lie outside of architects and designers normal fields of view. Casting their nets wider, in the search for a resolution, they have both arrived at new and interesting perpectives to the problem and its analysis.

Ian Ellison, 3 Edges - Workspace, place and the spatial turn

Our first speaker Ian Ellison, is a partner at 3 Edges, and formerly a senior lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University's award winning Facilities Management School.

Ian will share insights from his seminal and thought provoking research which explores the difference between workspace and place, and encourages designers to think more critically about received wisdom. For an industry significantly ‘responsible’ for the provision of the built environment, he asks, how complete is our understanding of how space impacts and interfaces with users? What might the outcomes of our greater awareness of this be?

Edward Murphy, Ollio Consulting - Agile antics

Edward Murphy is the founder of Ollio and a chartered building services engineer who has turned his full-time attention to pre and post occupancy evaluation of buildings. His talk follows his experiences in going back to learn the lessons from his award winning buildings. Experiences that led to him to understand that awesome aesthetics, elegant engineering and compelling construction, are seldom enough by themselves to meet the demands of a growing customer care revolution in the property industry. In an equally compelling talk, he points to a thesis which suggests the solution may lie in looking out side our normal spheres of influence, to redefine the field of building performance as a disipline in its own right.


  • 5.30 pm - Arrival and Networking
  • 6.30 pm - Ian Ellison - Workspace, place and the spatial turn
  • 6.55 pm - Edward Murphy - Agile Antics
  • 7.15 pm - Discussion and Questions
  • 8.00 pm - Close of Formal Proceedings and more Networking
  • 8.30 pm - Evening Ends

Tea and Coffee Refreshments Provided

  • Date: Wednesday, 15th February, 2017
  • Time: 17:30 - 20:30
  • Venue: Sheffield Hallam University
  • Address: Cantor Building, Room 9006, 153 Arundel Street, Sheffield, S1 2NU
  • Booking: Free at Eventbrite