Joint Lecture between EI East Midlands and ASHRAE Midlands and The CIBSE-ASHRAE Group

Energy Efficiency Refurbishment in UK Residences: the Work of Project ‘CALEBRE’

Dennis Loveday, Professor of Building Physics, Loughborough University will present the main outcomes from Project ‘CALEBRE’ (Consumer-Appealing Low Energy technologies for Building REtrofitting) which concluded in 2013 at which time it was the largest research project investigating effectiveness and acceptability of energy refurbishment measures for UK houses.

  • Date: 13th September, 2016
  • Time: Doors open 18:30, Lecture starts 19:00, close 21:00
  • Venue: Loughborough University
  • Address: Room RT.0.40, Ground Floor, School of Civil & Building Engineering, Loughborough University (
  • Contact: John Parsons (Email –, Mobile – +44 (0) 79 6665 0554)

Project ‘CALEBRE’ (Consumer-Appealing Low Energy technologies for Building REtrofitting) was active from 2008 to 2013, and was the largest research project at that time investigating effectiveness and acceptability of energy refurbishment measures for UK houses. Involving a team of 24 staff and researchers from six UK Universities, outcomes from the project ranged from establishing the real effects on energy efficiency of everyday practical interventions through to the development of advanced technologies with the potential for significant energy improvements in the future. At the heart of the project was understanding of householders’ attitudes to, and acceptability of, refurbishment measures. Main outcomes from the project will be presented.

Dennis Loveday is Professor of Building Physics in the School of Civil and Building Engineering, Loughborough University, UK, and is Deputy Director of the Centre for Doctoral Research in Energy Demand Reduction. From 2007-2011 he held the E.ON / Royal Academy of Engineering Research Chair in Low Carbon Energy Technology. A member of the School’s Building Energy Research Group (BERG), he has more than 30 years’ experience of research and teaching in this field. Professor Loveday’s research fields include human thermal comfort, building heat transfer and new and renewable energy systems for buildings. As Principal Investigator of the £2m E.ON / RCUK – funded ‘CALEBRE’ Project (2008-2013), he led a partnership of six UK universities pursuing research aimed at supporting refurbishment of the UK’s solid wall housing stock in ways that appeal to householders whilst saving energy, reducing carbon emissions and maintaining thermal comfort.

Current research includes evaluation of advanced digital control for residential energy saving (EPSRC-funded ‘DEFACTO’ Project, 2012-2017), and investigation of energy-efficient maintenance of indoor thermal comfort (Global Innovation Initiative, British Council-funded, India/US/UK collaboration). A member of ASHRAE, in 2013 he was appointed Chair of ASHRAE’s Technical Committee 2.1 ‘Physiology & Human Environment’.